Clara and I have both been far too busy with assignments to blog anything of substance lately in the last week, but this article by Josephine Tovey in today’s Sydney Morning Herald brought such a smile to my face I had to share it.

Muck-up day has long been associated with flour bombs on the teachers’ cars or chucking water bombs and shaving cream at unsuspecting junior peers. [..]

Today’s school leavers are more likely to be taking part in a charity fun run, dressing up for an assembly or playing a sports match against their teachers in their final days of year 12.

Some may cynically attribute this to my generation being too passive, or in bed with the establishment. Predictably, I think it’s just further proof we’re not the rude, disrespectful, self-absorbed pricks the Boomers and Gen X say we are.

And even if we were, who’s parenting fault would that be? ;).