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It’s Music Monday time! Each and every Monday, except when I don’t, I unwaveringly post about music; hence the title of this pointless series you almost certainly didn’t need an explanation for. This blog post is also most definitely not about me, though I’m flattered you thought so based on the title.

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I wrote this on the Barefoot on the Beach Wikipedia album page back on 2012, back when I used to actively create Wikipedia articles:

Although the album evokes summer, it also contains biting commentary on Broadcast Architecture’s dominance of American smooth jazz radio at the time with “Mr. Smooth”. Lyrics such as “some of us remember how much choice there was, before he took the throne” and “his verdict we must wait” lament the dominance and perceived heavy-handed influence of the network on the genre.

So waffly. I would have written that in half as many words now. Maybe.

In every city whether it be large or small;
His tired playlist drones.
But some of us remember how much choice there was;
Before he took the throne.

He’s Mr. Smooth - His Hipness, the Great;
For Mr. Smooth’s verdict we must wait.
So Mr. Smooth, when out turn comes round;
Dear Mr. Smooth, we only hope it won’t be thumbs down.

The song came up on the office playlist today, and it made me appreciate what a time capsule it is. In a world of streaming music services, the idea that an FM radio station could hold so much sway over music seems almost quaint.

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