Mr John Clarke, one of the great satirists


The witty, fabulous interviewee from the legendary Clarke and Dawe duo passed on last month, and I’ve been dragging my heels posting because nothing I write seems to do the bloke justice.

His sharp, dry wit aside, I loved his uncanny ability to reproduce the talking points and attitudes of his subjects, without needing to mimic their voices. He just weaponised their words.

Clarke and Dawe’s three minute skits have been a fixture of Australian TV for decades, and most of their material is now on their YouTube page. I’d recommend every single one, but here are just a few of my recent favourites, along with arguably the all time classic at the end. Thanks for your time, Mr John Clarke.

The use of English language in Australia:

Play Clarke and Dawe - The use of the English language in Australia

The Presidential Race is Beautifully Poised:

Play Clarke and Dawe - The Presidential Race is Beautifully Poised

The Energy Market Explained:

Play Clarke and Dawe - The Energy Market Explained

The European Debt Crisis:

Play Clarke and Dawe - European Debt Crisis

The Front Fell Off:

Play Clarke and Dawe - The Front Fell Off

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