With four WordPress powered websites now, updating each one whenever a new release of WordPress or any of the zillions of plugins I'm using come out it is really a huge undertaking! So this morning I'm going to try creating a new WordPress MU blog, moving the content from my four WordPress powered sites onto it. This may also help to address some weird RSS podcast feed issues too that Mr Bunny let me know about on the Rubenerd Forum.

So just to let you know there many some quirky blog behavior on the Rubenerd Show, the Rubenerd Blog, the Rubenerd Local site (intranet access only) and the University Chronicles of Ruben.

WordPress MU will let me administer and update each blog collectively, but the individual sites will still appear separate in your browser; don't worry I'm not merging it all ;). Wow, that would be a mess if I did that!

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