Moving over to Segment Publishing!


Today it's official, I'm moving over all my internet paraphernalia to Segment Publishing, a web hosting company in my birth city of Sydney in Australia!

Segment Publishing

Unlike every other web host I've done business with in the past, Segpub give you full SSH access to your home account, secure FTP, they give you your own unique IP address, their logo is a kawaii face… how could I refuse? But probably the two most striking features that drew me to them was the fact they run FreeBSD which just thrills my socks off, and… they're not Servage. That last point in particular was very important.

Servage… didn’t

If you're one to revel in Schadenfreude you would have loved reading my woes with my current web host over this last year, especially my latest experience with my MySQL tables being down for a whopping 4 days!

I figured that disaster plus the 2 cumulative days in total from the rest of the year (a conservative estimate, I'm sure it was more) puts the total uptime for 2007 for the Rubenerd Show and Rubenerd Blog to 98.63%, a far cry from their stated 99.98%. That said in either case I wouldn't have minded so much had they either given me some form of warning or maybe even a discount for the times they weren't able to provide service for the reason of the month.

Their "intermittently reliable" physical service is a shame because their technical support system is excellent. Support tickets I submitted never took more than a day to answer, and they always seemed happy to elaborate and explain points further when I replied asking for clarification.

Ironically the day I registered with Segpub on the 07th, Servage upgraded the design of their site and added new features. Go figure.

The move is on!

Lots and Lots of Boxes!

So by the end of this week this whole mess of a site will be lifted up and moved over to Segpub. I'm taking the opportunity to clean out my public_html folder while I'm at it. There are so many orphaned files and old Perl scripts from previous projects that are all just begging to be spring cleaned.

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