Move to Net Logistics all done!


I just finished the transition from SegPub to Net Logistics, as you can tell from my terribly sophisticated line-up of icons above!

What colour is whoa?

I had my new account activated in less than an hour after I made my first monthly payment. In less than 30 minutes I had my private/public keys for SSH/SFTP swapped and usable, six years of blog posts restored in a new database, six years of images uploaded through SFTP, WordPress uploaded and installed and all my custom .htaccess crap implemented.

Good heavens, the difference in performance is amazing, its like someone shoved rockets up my blog and bidness card sites' arses. I could have phrased that better.

This heading is also entirely pointless

I get the feeling I'm going to like it here. Thanks for all your help Martin, Tarinder and Alicia A. Automation. They're so cute, they even name their bots. And they operate in Australia and Singapore… just like me. sniffles

If something isn't working, leave a comment here and I'll patch it up. In return, I might start blogging about things that have nothing to do with web hosts again.

Who knows, I might be able to host my assignments reliably this semester so I don't get failed for them!

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