Motor racing shopping trolley


I have no idea where this file came from. It was sitting in my 2017 archives folder, and appeared if you clicked the Older Post link on the site enough times.

I’m wrapping in the appropriate frontmatter to make it into a blog post, and publishing without further comment.

30 minutes ya recon now 18 hours later WHAT, ya joking but i will wait see i not in any hurry you just better do ya homework because ,me and my barrister HAVE and you got a bit of explaining to do to me as to why now i dont have my employment ,,and about costing me $29,000,,all provable on records, again you got GAME-ON play me for a fool, NO ,fools dont have 6 world changing inventions on the go at one time ,,flood control i fix worlds flood problem ,with parafin wax quick delivery system ,,fight fires no water ,new shopping trolley wheel ,new wheel-less glide system for doors ,,i have product to bring to motor-racing very soon ,i know were a billion dollars a year sit in motor racing world wide ,100 million in merchandising a lone per year plus ,all documented , biggest change to motor-sport world ever seen ,,that will do ya i got more than that 2 so take me for idiot i will put the idiot TAG right back in your lap ,tell another thing i have 1% stake in card company soon to be sold for 3 billion ME GET ,30 million alone ,mother and brother same together 90 million together so my tip , GAME -ON

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