More sun, less grass


What’s a blog but a selfish discussion of one’s interests? And what could be more interesting than reading about one’s preoccupation with health, right? I need a skip button for individual posts.

I’ve been worried for a few months with recurring headaches, so finally I had a blood test last week. Bluntly, could describe a pencil. But also, I was terrified. The good news is, my blood is excellent! All the markers and other medical sounding stuff that goes over my head, all look good. Only two caveats:

  1. The pathology lab defined <20 nmol/L as “severly deficient” for vitamin D, and I’m not that much higher! Even though I liked to think I get plenty of outdoor exercise and sunlight, with my occupation and interests I wasn’t surprised.

  2. An alergy test defined me as “highly” reative to grass? Specifically, Bermuda, Perennial Rye, Kentucky Blue, Bahia and Johnson. Those sound more like food and music than grass. It explains why I’ve felt like I’m always starting to get a cold, but that I seem to keep it at bay.

So I’ve been directed to get out more, exercise in sunlight, but avoid grass seeding seasons. I’ve moved my office desk to be by the window, and am taking a longer walk to work in sunlight rather than taking the Tunnel of Doom near Central in Sydney.

The good news is, I now have a perfect excuse for not helping people mow their lawns. Not that I’ve ever needed one, but always good to have an arrow in the quiver. Gee I’d love to help out, but you don’t have enough antihistamines and tissue boxes!

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