More SegPub fail without a peep


In late April, my webhost SegPub informed me the specific webserver causing problems for my site and the sites of many other people was in the process of being fixed. It's now almost June and the problems are still persisiting for all of us, if the newsgroups are anything to go by.

Some small comments:

"Could you *please* keep us in the loop as things progress. The silence on this issue has added to the misery of having sites that are so often unreachable (certainly more than 0.5% of the month)."

"I have 2 site on Chewie and have had endless problems, not the least being NO response to any support ticket ( I’ve lost count how many I have sent). Hopefully things improve sooner rather than later."

"Alas, the problems seem to be persisting. Once again, [my site] is down, while all of my other SegPub-hosted sites are up."

"Same here, sites constantly go-slow or time out."

Peter wrote the best summary:

"Yes, I’m still seeing persistent slow response from [our server] too. This appears to have started around February 2010.

I opened a support ticket a month ago, sent a reminder after two weeks without a human response, then received the answer “In regards to the speed issues, we were having some issues with bots flooding [our server] with traffic at sporadic times of the day. We believe we’ve resolved this and you should be seeing the site load at acceptable speeds.”

I sent copies of my monitor reports, which show that performance is till poor when compared with a site on another host’s shared server.

I have just received a monitor report that the site on [the server] was down for three hours.

Altogether disappointing."

And as another cruel twist, this post has taken an hour to go live because the site keeps timing out whenever I hit the Publish button. I've decided to give them a couple more weeks before I start looking for alternatives to their service.

RootBSD look like a great FreeBSD VPS service, or for the greenie hippie in me there's always Green Geeks that Marco recommended here a while ago :). I tend to get a bit nervous with sites that oversell though, but I'll check them out.

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