For some reason it’s easier for me to use or dispose of stuff during bouts of decluttering if I write about it first. Perhaps in my mind, by putting it on my blog, it’ll keep living on in some awkward, nerdy way.

The Mofo bar of soap next to its box, a bar of Cussons Prize Medal Oatmeal soap, and for no reason, Saber from Fate.

I was doing a junk clean up this weekend, like a gentleman. Among a pile of stuff that’s remained untouched for years, I had completely forgot about a small box of memories from my 18th birthday that already seems far too long ago to be comfortable. And one of the items? A BlueQ bar of Mofo Soap!

Nothin’ keeps that Mofo clean like Mofo Soap. If you’re a bad-ass Mofo, and you know you are, there is no other soap. For full effect, get your entire bad-ass self covered in Mofo suds, check yo’ self in the full-size bath mirror, and rinse.

Obviously bought tongue in cheek, but it brought a smile to my face after more than a decade. As opposed to a smile somewhere else, which sounds anatomically dubious.

The bar of bergamot, lemon, and amber scented soap is pictured above next to my second Cussons Prize Medal Oatmeal soap for which I currently harbour an obsession, to give you a sense for what a big-ass mofo sized soap this is. And Saber, to represent the fact I’m still a weeb even after all this time. She’s a bad-ass.

My evening shower is going to be awesome.