FreeBSD has newfs for baking UFS volumes, with a handy newfs_msdos shortcut for formatting FAT. mkfs has equivalent shortcuts on Linux for the file systems it supports, as shown by the following tab completion on Debian Stretch:

# mkfs<TAB>  
==> mkfs      mkfs.cramfs  mkfs.ext3  mkfs.minix
==> mkfs.bfs  mkfs.ext2    mkfs.ext4

Minix, that’s so cool! But what if we want xfs?

# apt-get install xfsprogs

Or for those who really know what they’re doing:

- name: "Install xfs tooling"
    name: xfsprogs
    state: latest
    update_cache: yes

And now we can bake a new xfs volume:

# whereis mkfs.xfs
==> /sbin/mkfs.xfs