Advertisement for a Tokyu Hands Idolmaster collaboration, running from the 24th of March this year to the 6th of May

Damn it, I’ll be in Tokyo until the 18th! The 18th! It’s even running during my birthday! ;w;

For those who don’t know, Tokyu Hands is one of the world’s greatest variety stores. And THE iDOLM@STER is the gentleman’s choice for idol franchises; dare I say especially for Side M. Haters gonna hate. And free advertising is what I’m doing here.

The last time I mentioned THE iDOLM@STER here was almost exactly a decade ago, in the context of that bizarre Xenoglossia sci-fi adaptation. I remember that post was the subject of a live Whole Wheat Radio discussion at the time; Jim wanted to know why I had cheerleaders on my blog. Then he read it was anime, and said he should have expected that.

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