Mispronunciations I remember


It’s funny how we forget so many important things, and remember such trivial ones. Here are some that I remember, some going back to my childhood:

  • In primary school I had a friend who called the sport shutput. Maybe he was my first interaction with a Kiwi!

  • My networking lecturer at university called it a LAN tropology. He also had a habit of starting each sentence with also too…, which would lead to also too, this tropology…

  • An Adelaide Channel 7 weather forecaster used to say it’d be chwenty degrees.

  • A 2006 Australian TV ad used to pronounce bills as biwls.

  • Anyone who’s ever said expresso or ex-cetera. Neither of those words contain the letter X.

  • I pronounced Arkansas as Arkansas on an old podcast episode, which an American listener clarified for me. It’s pronounced Arkan-saw.

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