Minor site tweaks of doom


Netscape Navigator!

Taking a quick break from writing a development proposal, I made some minor tweaks on the site today. On the site? To the site?

  • The layout is now centred, not to the left. I preferred it the old way, but the number of tweets and emails from well meaning people asking me if my CSS was broken got to be too much. Actually, I did this a few days ago.

  • Lines from the header have been removed.

  • After two years of CSS3 rounded corners, I’ve got rid of those too. They looked okay, but they were inconsistent with the rest of the design. Or at least, I thought so.

I've also done some other CSS tweaks in preparation for the unveiling of something much bigger soon. Or should I say, someone much bigger. And no, it's not Netscape Navigator Gold 2.02 support.

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