Migraines are one of those things that people either don’t understand, or they think they do (it’s a headache, right?). I empathise; it’s hard to relate to specific afflictions if you don’t have a frame of reference.

(I used to joke that migraines are headaches if the flu is a cold. Neither are fun, but they’re not comparable).

Migraines Australia is a registered charity that does valuable work advocating for migraine suffers, including getting specific treatments on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme for Medicare, and educating the public. Their newsletter always has useful information.

Last year they published a series of free fact sheets for primary care givers, but I think there’s information there that’d be useful for anyone who either suffers from migraines, or cares for someone that does. I’m a big fan of distilling essential information into one-pagers to make complicated topics approachable.

Please pass them on to people you think might find them useful.