Migraine coping techniques


This was originally written on Tuesday, but I forgot to commit it!

I had my third migraine of the year on the weekend. They don’t happen as frequently as they did in my teens, but they’re just as incapacitating. As I wrote in February, in the context of codeine becoming prescription only in Australia for what can only be described as tenous reasons:

But a few times a year I’m blinded with kaleidoscope imagery — less beautiful than it sounds — then such pain behind my eyes I have to close the curtains and sit still in darkness for hours lest I throw up.

I realised though, I haven’t ever approached the hive mind for coping tips. For those of you reading my blog, thank you! And secondly, if you suffer migraines, what coping tips do you use? I’d be keen to hear and share.

Lately I’ve found meditating helps, along with the aforementioned codeine and some Tiger Balm. Sashin would know better than anyone that medidating is actually very difficult, and I still have a very long way to go. But forcing yourself into that state of mind is a welcome respite.

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