Mid-2012 MacBook Air SSD upgrades


As mentioned on Rubenerd Show 290, the limited 64GiB SSD capacity of my mid-2012 MacBook Air is starting to get difficult. Whereas previously I'd just offload stuff to a series of Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0 memory keys, it seems now I can't even turn the machine on half the time without the Finder reporting “Zero bytes free”.

I’ve re-installed OS X on it twice, checked the Hibernation and sleep images aren’t ballooning to unreasonable sizes, and performed various voodoo chants. The space just vanishes, and I grow wary of constantly tracking down where it all goes. Time for an upgrade!

My go-to for such stuff is usually Crucial. Their compatibility search engine has been invaluable for years, which I thank them for with my patronage. Perhaps given Apple's proprietary SSD layout, they don't offer any options for the Airs though.

From my early Mac days I remembered Other World Computing in the US had the best deals for Mac-compatible hardware, and sure enough they have a series of Aura and Aura Pro SSDs. Their lowest capacity 120GiB drive is already almost twice the capacity of my current one, and they go up to 1TiB.

My plan is to grab a 240GB Aura Pro 6G once money becomes available. Stay tuned for reviews :).

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