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I hate the Windows version of MSN Messenger. Sorry I can't bring myself to call it "Windows Live Messenger". It's a poorly designed, RAM sucking, crashprone, unreliable, spyware riddled cesspool. The Mac version is actually pretty good, but I decided long ago to use Adium instead. I've resigned to the fact I have to use the MSN Messenger protocol because most of my friends use it (God bless them) but at least by using Adium I can connect to ICQ, AOL, Jabber, Google users etc.

Anyway I'm going off topic! I got an "official" Spam message today from Microsoft proudly announcing their latest version of "Windows Live Messenger". Only one problem: all the links and images were broken! It seems these folks can't even send an email that actually works. I do have images blocked in Gmail, but I "unblocked" them for this message and they were still broken!

EDIT: I found out why the images were broken: I use Adblock for Firefox. It seems it detected automatically that this Spam message was an advertisement and had its way with it. Still funny though!

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