Microsoft Barnes and Noble, wait what?


Jeff Bezos on the cover of Newsweek, with the original Kindle

A wow moment after reading Yahoo News:

Microsoft Corp will invest $300 million in Barnes & Noble Inc’s digital and college businesses, valuing them at $1.7 billion. [..] Microsoft will get a 17.6 percent stake in the new unit, while Barnes & Noble will own about 82.4 percent

This has the potential to shake things up big time, if they play it right. Will the Nook become a Windows Mobile device? Will Microsoft use B&N in their phone's media store to take on the iPhone and iTunes? Will this largely ignored mobile platform and this runner-up to Amazon fizzle out? I don't know! The battle lines are being drawn though.

And before anyone asks, yes I know that Jeff Bezos is the CEO of Amazon, I just thought it was a fitting image!

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