I used to do this back in the day when Twitter was down. Now I’m posting my scatterbrain thoughts here instead while I’m on a Twitter holiday.

  • Uh oh, I went to Gong Cha and Clara went to Share Tea for boba. There be disruption in the force!

  • Made it through a bottle of Listerine Coconut and Lime. Nice for a change, but not my cup of tea. Because it’d be toxic drunk like that.

  • Times I’ve instinctively reached for Twitter since I started this break: lost count after 12. Gulp.

  • Think like a reductive cynic: Microsoft released the Polaris source on purpose to drum up interest in Windows.

  • First three words iOS suggests I start my sentences with: Hey, Yeah, The.

  • Pretty sure a CAPTCHA I just had to complete confused ducks for cars.

  • I count the hours that I lie awake. I count the minutes and the seconds too… ♫