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Welcome to Music Monday! Each and every Monday without fail, except when I fail, I share some music on a Monday. You’d think I’d stop clarifying what a self-evident name like Music Monday is, but then you wouldn’t get your weekly dose of waffle.

A Canadian American friend in Singapore got me into waffles. I was firmly in the camp of pikelets for most of my childhood, and pancakes when those weren’t available. I wonder if you could make a waffle from pikelet batter?

Today’s entry comes from Michał Sapka, who emailed to say this series had inspired him to start the same. He shared Lost Control by Anathema:

Anathema is one two most influential bands of my childhood. It singlehandedly took from the claws of hip-hop and made me interested in music. Unfortunately, today band members suffer psychological and monetary struggles - you can help them out via a fundraiser.

As a teen, I spent countless hours on trains with a portable audio player armed with Alternative 4. I still consider it their greatest album, and it is still one of my favorites.

I would never have heard of this unless someone I respect and read shared it. This is the blogosphere at its best :).

Play Lost Control

I also wish I could claim credit for inventing this series, but I shamelessly stole the concept from my old university anime club.

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