McCain discusses Australia, Obama does not


As I mentioned in a previous post, if Australians were to vote in the American presidential elections, Obama would win with more than a 70% landslide. It's ironic then that in their respective articles written in the latest issue of Foreign Affairs magazine, John McCain was the only candidate who mentions Australia. From an article written by Laurie Oakes:

John McCain Both candidates have written in the respected Foreign Affairs magazine explaining their foreign policy. There are a number of references to Australia in McCain’s article.

He writes: “As president, I will tend carefully to our ever-stronger alliance with Australia, whose troops are fighting shoulder to shoulder with ours in Afghanistan.”

As well as acknowledging our importance as an ally, he also discusses Australia in a trade context.

McCain’s interest in Australia is long-standing. His father, a naval officer, was stationed in Perth for a time during World War II. And a key McCain foreign policy adviser, Richard Armitage, has for years been one of the best friends Australia has in Washington.

By comparison, Barack Obama makes no mention whatsoever. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, though it is a tad disappointing.

Barack Obama One concern is that Obama appears to have little if any interest in this country.

[In] Obama’s foreign policy outline, Australia does not rate a single mention. It is as though we don’t exist.

Obama’s only connection with Australia seems to be that he stopped here on his way to Indonesia as a child.

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