Swollen head
Spam makes my head swell, and not because I bought dubious medication advertised in said spam which turned out to have scary skull swelling side effects. Was that fancy alliteration or what?

After a couple of weeks using a WordPress plugin which would ask you to answer a mathematics question before you could post, I've decided to take it off. It didn't really do anything to stop pesky spam getting through and just caused problems for some people.

I'm really torn about what to do. This is a pretty meek weblog in the grand scheme of things and the Rubenerd Show is in a small niche, but sorting through all these messages every week is becoming a full time job in itself. That said though, for now I can't think of any alternatives.

WordPress allows me to automagically authorise any messages you post if you've posted a message in the past I approved, but if you're a first time poster you'll have to wait for me to allow it… just like before. Sorry lah.

Guess it'll give me more material for my silly spam commentary :).