My responses to the online survey for the Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2012 and Marriage Amendment Bill 2012 in the Australian House of Representatives, preserved for posterity :)

  1. Can you explain your reasons to the above questions?

Indeed I can! The gender or sexual orientation of a couple should have as much to do with their right to marry as their ethnicity. The majority will of Australians should be respected and same sex marriage introduced, as well as recognising foreign marriages. These said, I would rather see religious leaders render themselves obsolete than force them to wed two consenting adults.

  1. Do you have any further comments on the legal implications of these Bills?

As much as I hold homophobic people in contempt, I fear forcing the religious to perform same-sex weddings goes against freedom of/from religion. Allow secular and progressive religious leaders to legally perform these ceremonies, and time will take care of the rest.