Mark Bittman: No-knead bread


Watch Mark Bittman: No-Knead Bread

The New York Times has a great cooking section, but this 2014 recipe for no-knead bread is still among my favourites:

Here is one of the most popular recipes The Times has ever published, courtesy of Jim Lahey, owner of Sullivan Street Bakery. It requires no kneading. It uses no special ingredients, equipment or techniques. And it takes very little effort — only time. You will need 24 hours to create the bread, but much of this is unattended waiting, a slow fermentation of the dough that results in a perfect loaf.

I know carbs are frowned upon in the 21st century, but we’re also supposed to exercise ten times a day and consume our body weight in water and kale before lunch. Sometimes you deserve to treat yourself.

I started baking bread in 2006, but this is the simplest and tastiest recipe I’ve ever come across for it.

The video is also interesting; I loved seeing the inside of that bakery. One day I’ll get to go back to New York and check them out.

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