Making Camino look like a Leopard app

With Mac OS X Leopard's much needed move to a unified interface (aka: Burnt Aqua) some of the applications designed to look sexy in Tiger are left looking a bit silly with their white lines in Leopard. One case is my favourite web browser of all time: Camino.

Fortunately with a few quick tweaks I was able to bring Camino into the Leopard generation… kinda!

  1. Install UnifyCamino. Go to "Camino → Preferences…" and click the new "UnifyCamino" option.
  2. Set the “Shade” scrollbar to about 60% and choose “Suppress the toolbar divider
  3. Under "Other interface elements:" choose "Streamlined tabs and status bar"
  4. Download the Leopard Iconset. Control+Click and choose "Show Package Contents". Copy the downloaded images to "./Contents/Resources/"
  5. Click "View → Customise Toolbar" and change the size of the icons to small.

That's the closest I've been able to get to mimicking the OS X Leopard interface look in Camino 1.5.2.

Post a comment here if you have any other suggestions ^^.