Make It Great by Phil Gerbyshak: eBook?



My favourite blog to read is Make it Great, so when Phil told me he released a book my first instinct was to buy buy buy! Unfortuantely a university student's pockets are not very deep, but now I finally have enough to get it.

I noticed on the website where it is being sold, Booksurge, that they offer an eBook version as well, which would be great for me because I'm obsessed with eBooks at the moment and I'd love to have this on my virtual "bookshelf", it would be convenient because as a uni student I don't exactly have much shelf space constantly moving from place to place, and also I'd be free from the United States → Australia postage!

Before I rush out though and spend mu USD 7.99, does anyone know the format of the eBook? PDF? Microsoft Reader? If it's the latter, it would be useless for my Mac or *BSD boxes, for obvious reasons ;).

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