Tokiha Mai mocking my messy room


Mai mocking my bedroom mess

I've been spending my afternoon programming in my room because my sister is still feeling crook and I don't want to wake her with my loud bucking spring keyboard. I blame her condition on the fact she hasn't ever put a Toblerone box on her nose. Yeah, that works.

Having spent a few hours in here I've noticed just how messy it is, from my chair here I can count four empty takeaway coffee cups, nine coat hangers, an upside down box fan, a power supply cable that I've forgotten what it plugs in to, a rolled up quilt I took off the bed last night when it got too warm, and several tons of documentation and other paper strewn everywhere back when I was looking for my Oracle serial number.

ASIDE: This has got to be one of the most ridiculous premises for a blog post I’ve ever done, except for literally everything in the nonsense category.

Just from where you're sitting now, how much mess can you see? If your room is spotless don't answer, I don't want your snide judgement ;).

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