MacVim icon by Drew Yeaton

We got a new MacVim, thanks to these fine people. From the changelog:

Binary targets macOS 10.8+

- Vim patch 8.1.0235 - Touch Bar support #715 - Force click support #716 - New guioption ‘k’ #708 - Fix CoreText renderer

Script interfaces have compatibility with these versions

- Lua 5.3 - Perl 5.18 - Python2 2.7 - Python3 3.7 - Ruby 2.5

In my morning brain state I thought wow, that’s a lot of Mac-specific updates for Vim before remembering this is MacVim, and is the entire point of the package.

(The icon is not official, it’s a replacement by Drew Yeaton I’ve been using for many years. Technically its Vim-based no vi, but I let that slide because it looks so cool. In a TextMate nostalgia kind of way).