Yesterday I was where every self-respecting person would be having just moved: buried under Ethernet cables, Wi-Fi routers, and inexplicably-vague manuals. The good news is I finally bit the bullet and installed OpenWRT a try on our router; I’m already kicking myself it too me this long.

I decided to give a new hotspot a quick test, but macOS would have none of it:

Tohsaha was previously joined as WPA/WPA2 Personal, not Open. Are you sure you want to join this network?

This is a fantastic feature. If a malicious actor is man-in-the-middling, or otherwise futzing around with networking gear, this should give any client pause. There wouldn’t be any practical reason a target network would downgrade its security. I don’t use Wi-Fi on my FreeBSD boxes, but now I’m intrigued to try the same experiment on those.

I would have posted about a Wi-Fi network called Tohsaka on Tumblr, but they would have just flagged the post as adult material, as they did with this cute one by @Keyyui:

Fanart of Tohsaka in sunglasses holding a drink, by Keyyui on Twitter