Some Mac software link clouds


Beautiful colours and clouds

As I said previously, I tend to wipe and reinstall the operating systems on my computers at least once a year, then I go about reinstalling software. Here's a cloud showing my current Mac software, current as of this post. I would discuss software from the future, but that would be in violation of the Temporal Prime Directive.

Slick little (S)FTP client
Photoshop replacement for editing pictures
Vector graphics editor
iStat Pro
For monitoring temperature, memory etc from the Dashboard
For easily mounting tons of file systems, and for TrueCrypt
OS X free software package manager
Beautiful Aqua-native Gvim text editor
Mozilla Firefox
With these mostly-security extensions because I’m paranoid
QuickTime codec library, so Finder can create video thumbnails
Encrypted volume creator and manager
Full screen Twitter client with interchangable columns
VLC (Intel)
For actually playing most of my video!

From MacPorts I build copies of:

Easy command line image converting
For encoding podcasts
Midnight Commander
Still my primary file manager!
Music on Console
For listening to online radio, smaller than iTunes
Python 2.6
A kind of snake, also a British comedy troupe

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