An Apple DVDR

If you're trying to burn a data DVD or CD in Mac OS X Tiger (or later, see the comments for this post!) and you get the following error when you insert a blank disc:


… the Finder might be having a caching issue and forgetting a drive is attached, according to FrozenNorth. Fortunately there is an easy enough solution: eject the offending disc, Force Quit the Finder then try again.

For those who don't know how:

  • Click the Apple Menu in to top left hand corner
  • Click Force Quit…
  • Choose Finder" from the list, then click Restart
  • Eject the blank disc, then reinsert and try burning again.

Alternatively you can do it from the Terminal:

$ killall Finder

Surprisngly enough, this is the #1 result for doing searches on this topic in Google, for some reason. That surprises me no end, though perhaps its a sign this issue isn't very widespread. Unfortunately, that also means it may be sticking around for a while. Here's hoping it's fixed in the next release of OS X.

In the meantime, hope this was useful!