Hey, how are you? I’m doing pretty well, getting ready to die my hair. That’s not true, but this dye exposes a limitation of spell checkers.

This blog has had a ridiculous number of spelling, grammatical, and content errors lately, even by my standards. Take the last line on my Pentax K-1 post:

While the world eagerly chases the new Sony full frame mirrorless cameras, I reckon a full frame Pentax with a small prime or pancake would .

Would what? Cause an electrical short? Don’t leave me hanging like this!

Here’s another, from my Queen Mary Long Beach post:

Her conversion into a hotel and convention centre had meant her steam boiler rooms and some of her other amenities were sadly scrapped, but if ensured her long term viability as a floating attraction and museum, I could with that.

There are three primary reasons for this.

  1. Jetlang. That was a typo for jetlag, but it sounds like an awesome flash-in-the-pan hipster programming language, so I’m keeping it.

  2. The Ruben Factor™ which ensures typos regardless of spell checking and proof reading.

  3. Sync issues arising from my creaky rsync/sshfs setup that sits under my version controlled repo for the site, resulting in typos and missing content clobbering fixes I’d already made. I should always commit everything and pull on different machines, rather than getting lazy.

Here at Rubenerd we strive for professsionalismn.