Long weekend site designs


In several states here in Australia, it was Labour Day today. For many, it was a day of football or something.

For me, it was largely spent studying for my one subject this semester. Opportune timing for a holiday, given I work full time and have an exam in the coming week. My perennial part-time student-ism has become a running joke among many of you, and I’m sure as hell looking forward to the day where I can focus all my energies on fewer things.

As @JamieJakov said, studying, working and having a personal life is hard. So is scheduling, especially when most of your friends are still students and make plans for everything during the day, and perfectly timed not to coincide with a working person’s lunchbreak. Darn.

Speaking of Latvians, he and some other eagle eyed readers may be surprised to see me revert my theme. I’ll admit, I’d wanted to have featured images with superimposed headings since at least 2009, but I just never got around to it. When I finally implemented it, I longed for what my site always looked like. The colours and features may have changed, but the over all structure has largely stayed the same this whole time. It’s not pretty, but it’s mine.

And so we bid farewell, off to another work week. Here’s hoping we’ll have fewer Bashgate embargoed-Xen fun!

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