Living in electric dreams


I haven’t done much blogging this week, or even lined up posts to trickle out during the week. In past years we’ve had a chill start as the masses slowly go back to work, but this year started with earnest. Such a great story.

That hasn’t stopped me from having some weirdly specific dreams.

  • I had developed a new compression algorithm that lent itself well to streaming chunked data, making rsync a hundred times more efficient. I’d decided to give it to the OpenRsync devs first to test on their BSD-licenced version of the tool before getting a call not from Andrew Tridgell and Paul Mackerras, but Al Gore.

  • I’d decided that the Ricoh GR III wasn’t for me after all, and I got a Canon mirrorless. Then proceeded to feel pangs of guilt and betrayal because I had always been a Nikon SLR guy.

  • I was asked to debate a climate denier, but I said they should get a scientist instead. This made me into a meme which started appearing on the sides of buses; unfortunate given I was back in Singapore and those double-deckers have lots of vertical space.

  • I replaced all the LEDs in my apartment with a newer generation of LEDs, I think so I could change the colour temperature more easily. But the ceiling started to melt, and I had to collect the falling drops with buckets covered in anime faces.

It’s at this stage that I’ll admit that this was the one dream. Or perhaps it was multiple over the course of the night that blended together.

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