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I've been told by the folks over at GetUp that the Australian Federal Government will be trialling their Great Australian Firewall internet filtering system shortly, despite the overwhelming evidence presented that shows it will be ineffective and only serve to further slow down Australia's comparatively poor telecommunication infrastructure suffering from decades of chronic underinvestment and decay.

Dear Ruben,

A decision on the Government’s internet censorship filter could be just weeks away. It’s crunch time for our campaign.

Live trials are nearly complete on the filter technology which will allow the government of the day to add any "unwanted" site to a secret blacklist. This isn’t China, Saudi Arabia or Iran – we could see a mandatory filter of all internet traffic right here in Australia as early as this year.

In response do this issue I've decided to do three things. Firstly, I will continue to blog about this issue as I've done in the past using the NoCleanFeed tag. Be it ever so humble my blog is still on the intertubes and the more this issue gets discussed the harder it will be for people like Steven Conroy to merely sweep this issue under the electronic rug. You think that's a metaphor, but I reckon people like Conroy actually do believe such a thing exists. It's a flat surface above all them tubes.

Secondly, I've decided to try getting myself filtered by continuting to blog about anime series I'm watching, some of which occasionally have scenes which are considered by the Western media to be a bit "too sexy" compared to the blood, gore, graphic autopsies, gang warfare and gun violence on dramas and shows like A Current Affair which they consider perfectly acceptable for the viewing public. Thanks for the moral lesson guys!

Thirdly, I've decided to take the advice of GetUp and write to my local federal memeber of parliament and to Stephen Conroy directly:

Stephen Conroy
The Canberras
Australian Capital Territory

Dear Hon. Senator Conroy,


Ruben Schade

When appeals to logic, common sense no longer apply, how else do you approach problems? It's like dealing with people whi think Cheez Whiz is a food. Did you get me my Cheez Whiz boy?

On a somewhat related note, is Nick Xenophon still supporting the Great Australian Firewall so he can block gambling sites? In other words good intentions wrapped around a poorly executed and ultimately fruitless endeavour?

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