Lists and outlines


I gravitate towards websites that let me make lists and outlines. Yesterday I learned of, which sounds like it’d be about a snappable chocolate snack. Instead, it lets you make lists of stuff you use.

I was about to launch into making some, beyond this half-baked everyday carry list, like a bullet point junkie in search of his next fix. But why not publish them here? My silly little blog will likely outlive it, like so many other sites I relied upon in the past.

I’m not sure how I’ll present these lists. I could be lazy and just make blog posts with text-based lists, or they could be on separate Hugo pages with tiled thumbnails. Heck, it’d might be an excuse to finally learn CSS Flex, the thing that’s supposed to make CSS as easy to use for cell-based layouts as tables were twenty years ago.

I should make a list of the options.

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