Listpost for week 42, 2021


It’s Sunday, which means it’s time for another listpost!

  • SimpleFlying reported on the Italian carrier ITA’s new livery. Painting your aircraft sky blue doesn’t seem like the best idea for visibility or safety, but maybe it’s to save money by slipping out of airports undetected without paying fees.

  • Banana Craze is a virtual exhibition showcasing how the humble banana has shaped identity, ecosystems, and violence in South America. I saw this listed on Metafilter and got stuck into it for the better part of an afternoon.

  • I’ve mentioned the Veritasium educational science channel here before, but I’ll admit his recent video about self-driving cars was underwhelming. Tom Nicholas has a well-researched, if drawn-out rebuttal.

  • Om Malik’s recent trip was “an excellent opportunity to step away from the daily torrent of media inanities”. I’m going to do that with a cup of tea and some manga this afternoon, too.

  • This is week 42 of 2021. Heh.

  • The Australian Strategic Policy Institute suggests we should use sea mines, those asymetrical weapons that sank the hospital ship Britannic during World War I. Alternatively, we could not use them!

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