A bottle of Listerine

The following are the Listerine mouth washes I’ve tried over the last six months, in descending order of taste.

  1. Listerine Fresh Burst
  2. Listerine Total Care

It shows how suggestible I am to colour. Green looks fresher and tastes better than purple, despite Total Care being more advanced.

As with all medical blog posts, the following cavities caveats apply:

  • This was not paid for by Listerine. If it were, they’d be disappointed to read me approving of Oral-B’s decent mouth wash products as well.

  • While important, taste should not be the primary consideration when procuring mouth washes. A cup of black coffee would be the winner in this case, which would be less than ideal for oral hygiene.

  • The filing of this post in hardware seems like a stretch.

  • Never take any medical advice from random blogs before consulting your qualified healthcare professional. I say qualified specifically, as an unqualified healthcare professional isn’t worth the mouth wash they probably drink. Which you shouldn’t.