You can download the whitepaper of which I speak here.

Ironically I was at today for some reason and saw something that I never thought I would find interesting: a Google AdWords advertisement! Clicking on it brought me to a whitepaper on TechWorld comparing Linux and Windows.

In this report, we aim to look at both Linux and the Windows family from a neutral standpoint. Our hope is that a balanced viewpoint will help you make a decision based on the facts, rather than on ill-thought-out opinion. TechWorld is a technology-independent publication and the report’s author runs both Windows and Linux on his various servers, laptops and desktops with no particular preference.

It's a very fun read, especially in light of the latest developments in the SCO case which discredits large areas of it. Apparently according to this the SCO intellectual property case was a genuine threat to Linux and one which needed be taken seriously, even though virtually nobody else thought so. Do you think they were paid off somehow… hmm… ;).