Links for week 31, 2022


We haven’t had a listpost for a while. Here’s some stuff I’ve read this week:

Should I Use a Carousel?

The answer may surprise you!

Stories from the Cavelab: Making planter boxes for Mona

It’s been so much fun watching Thomas’ latest house additions come together. 🌷

Amy Castor and David Gerard: Bitcoin mining in the crypto crash — the mining companies’ creative accounting

Rather than selling their bitcoins and tanking the market further, miners have been using them as collateral for loans. It’s going as well as you’d expect.

SoraNews24: JAL system makes air travel easier and lets you keep laptops, liquids in bag for security check

Most airport security is still theatre, but I’m all for making the process easier. Most flights from Australia to Tokyo go to Narita; here’s hoping the system is extended from Haneda when we’re (finally!) allowed to return.

Rubenerd: Links for the 31st week of 2022

Meta! Damn it, Facebook even ruined that word.

Nikkei Asia: Mahathir launches Malay political alliance with election in sights

Mahathir is Malaysia’s proverbial whack-a-mole. Without the support of Anwar Ibrahim's progressive coalition this time though, I don’t like his chances. My friends I made over there are more bemused than anything else.

Tom’s Hardware: Intel Arc Board Partner Ceasing Production

The discrete GPU market needs Intel’s competition, but production delays, reported driver issues, and now news like this makes me think it won’t be a substantial force anytime soon.

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