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Persona4 is going to be made into an anime?
(categories: anime p4)

The JPEG artefacting and Comic Sans are what sell me.
(categories: software programming blogs design)

"For love of Pete. How come Microsoft always ends up making their core apps look like the cockpit of an airplane?"
(categories: fail design microsoft windows usability ui)

Ever wanted to know what the tides were in 1970?
(categories: data maps geodata singapore)

Oh well, two years late!
(categories: anime gurrenlagann shopping)

I arrived in the mid 1990s, so Wisma Atria was there already.
(categories: singapore nostalgia history photos)

The roads in Kerala are better than in Sydney!
(categories: photos transport roads india asiapacific)

They might want to update their photo of Singapore ;)
(categories: singapore photos business, bidness)

Most people don't realise Singapore Airlines had a Concorde. Kinda.
(categories: aviation concorde singaporeairlines sia retro)

MRM software.
(categories: mrm ibm commerce business bidness uts)

Hey, that's my machine! :D
(categories: macbookpro hardware aeroplanes photos wikimediacommons wikipedia travel)

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