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Need to visit Taiwan one day.
(categories: photos night pretty taipei taiwan roc)

Seems like an interesting, if derivative idea.
(categories: news blogs)

That's a lot of boots.
(categories: music jpop japan)

Looks like a great alternative to other creepy online backup systems
(categories: backup cloud software encryption unix osx linux freebsd)

Reason #423,123,741 why I love the Internet.
(categories: archaeology history)

Irony is, he has a better website than most of the other councils in Australia!
(categories: micronations australia nsw)

One of these days I'll be in Singapore for this.
(categories: singapore anime games comics events)

Why am I not still in Singapore? :(
(categories: singapore cosplay anime)

I need this!
(categories: bakemonogatari figures anime)

Funny, I'm 25 and I can hear all but 22 kHz; apparently I'm supposed to only be able to hear half of that.
(categories: audio science soundflower)

You can tell how professional he is by the design of his site and included testimonials.
(categories: funny programming)

"If 386BSD had been available a year earlier, I would probably never have started on Linux"
(categories: linustorvalds linux bsd 386bsd history quotes)

Great local manufacturer of pages for coins, banknotes and other such fun stuff. Friendly staff and affordable.
(categories: coins banknotes collecting australia)

Ah this takes me back.
(categories: programming perl files)

Beautiful photos of the Australian desert.
(categories: photos australia flickr)

Another unmaintained blog, alas.
(categories: tech australia blogs)

That is some amazing scenery, wow!
(categories: backgrounds nature switzerland)