Links for 2011-08-26


Links shared from today:

They have wikis for everything thesedays!
(categories: anime tiger&bunny wiki)

"Jobs’s greatest creation isn’t any Apple product. It is Apple itself."
(categories: apple stevejobs news)

An underappreciated series. I have a Mai figure :)
(categories: maihime myhime anime)

Some pretty amazing cosplay! I want that wig :)
(categories: anime cosplay p&s)

Got to get me one of those ARM Cortex-M3 boards!
(categories: arm cortexm3 podcast twit)

Great timeline of Apple hardware and software from the beginning.
(categories: apple hardware mac history infographics)

Peace out Steve. Good luck.
(categories: apple stevejobs press)

Best post I've read about Steve Jobs resigning as CEO. Beautiful.
(categories: apple stevejobs business gigaom)

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