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Funny that people in Singapore think Malaysia is big ;)
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I'm allegedly from this house, having done several quizzes. I gave up on Harry Potter after the Order of The Phoenix was such a watered down disappointment, but still.
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Just… wow.
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"After looking through several websites on configuring Alpine, here is how I got it to work with Gmail via IMAP"
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Now just need to figure out how to import Thunderbird/Mozilla mail into it, or if it's even possible.
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Looks pretty fancy!
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It's an absolute non-story, just shared because I didn't realise anyone outside Australia knew who he was.
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"The NERD tree allows you to explore your filesystem and to open files and directories. It presents the filesystem to you in the form of a tree which you manipulate with the keyboard and/or mouse. It also allows you to perform
simple filesystem operations."
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Nicely done! "An Austrian atheist has won the right to be shown on his driving-licence photo wearing a pasta strainer as religious headgear."
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