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Links shared from today:

Latest drivers are from 1997. For their machines from that time.
(categories: libretto hardware toshiba drivers)

Official drivers page for the Toshiba 70CT. There are better ones, but these are the fall back.
(categories: libretto libretto70ct hardware toshiba drivers)

I cosplayed as Genderbent Mugi :)
(categories: anime art tumblr k-on keion)

Nice comparison between the Libretto 70CT and an iPhone. Such a compact little machine, a decade before netbooks!
(categories: libretto libretto70ct toshiba photos)

Ultimate low memory use replacement for DOS EMM386 on PCI hardware.
(categories: dos drivers umbpci)

Excellent guide on maximising conventional memory in DOS, provided your machine has the luxury of a PCI bus ;)
(categories: dos umbpci drivers)

"[..] we are generating Java opcodes by walking Perl's syntax tree. This is very different from converting Perl to Java. It's a lot easier!"
(categories: howto programming perl java)

"The most popular scripting languages are available in some form for the Java platform. [..] Sleep is a Java-based scripting language heavily inspired by Perl."
(categories: programming perl java sleeplanguage)

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