Links for 2011-07-14


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I'd do this… if I were talented!
(categories: media video singapore)

You can't have a news article about art, then not have any pictures!
(categories: news singapore art design)

Another dubious report by a credit rating agency that didn't see the biggest recession since the Great Depression coming. Forgive me for not taking them too seriously.
(categories: economics eu ireland)

"This guide is for installing Arch Hurd using the LiveCD; if you wish to install from within another distribution, have a look at the Alternate Installation Guide."
(categories: archhurd hurd)

"Welcome to Overthinking It, where we subject the popular culture to a level of scrutiny it probably doesn't deserve."
(categories: funny business movies)

Was published two years before I was! Wait, I was born, not published… [insert metaphysical discussion here]
(categories: retro nostalgia sinclair spectrum games)

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