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I did formatting by accident before I found this.
(categories: tips google+ socialnetworking google)

Even the conservative Telegraph on the UK is ragging on David Cameron over the #NOTW scandal. Incredible.
(categories: news politics uk newscorporation corruption journalism)

"I'm not sure why you need to haul your Apple TV around [..], but if you do find yourself moving Apple's set-top box often, you might as well do it in style, right?" Aw yeah :)
(categories: apple appletv hardware)

Both Android and iOS pushing ahead, if you'll pardon the pun. Where's my beloved MeeGo and webOS?
(categories: blackberry android ios iphone)

I didn't know Microsoft bundled Plus! with Windows 95! I loved Plus!, it had those system themes ^_^
(categories: retro abandonware windows95)

Huge SimCity fan since I was a kid, maybe I should check this out!
(categories: software linux simcity lincity games simulators)

Sometimes I worry Dr Dawkins is *too* awesome!
(categories: richarddawkins photos unitedstates)

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