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Worth it just for their heading: "Why Are You Upgrading to Symantec 11?" ;)
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I do it for fun, which makes me a "rare breed" apparently! I also do it for keeping track of things
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Interesting post on a complete OPML workflow, desktop and mobile. Really need to start doing this
(categories: howto mac opml)

George Harrison was my favourite Beatle :)
(categories: beatles music georgeharrison lyrics)

That is one tasty looking stack of blueberry muffins!
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One of these days when I find my proper tripod in one of the millions of packing boxes, I'm going to attempt shots like this :)
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I'm an unabashed fan of Type/Moon's art, but a translucent dress? Oh dear.
(categories: typemoon fate fateextra art anime games)

Most reputable to their customers, but not taxpayers.
(categories: google reputation internet business taxhavens)

Again?! How much money was spent on those brand new massive water pump systems from The Netherlands?
(categories: singapore floods news)

Leaving aside the fact most charities spend more on themselves than people in need, or that religious ones have more strings attached than Mr Squiggle.
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Singapore Management university project about digital media in Asia-Pacific. The grammar is a bit off at times, but useful.
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