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Retro shopping centres FTW.
(categories: retro shoppingcentre historical 1970s 1980s atari)

Saw someone at uni with this printed as a giant poster and the name of his club in the sky. Looked great!
(categories: anime nichijou)

Also… can't… stop… watching… for different reasons!
(categories: animation silly funny)

"Ridiculously cute song about a kitten."
(categories: lyrics music)

Can't… stop… watching
(categories: anime k-on keion animation)

Prefer my purple to have a little more blue in it, but this is Pantone Purple
(categories: purple colour)

(categories: icons design graphics)

For those who didn't know what I meant when I said I got mail from one recently ;).
(categories: language english dictionary australia)

Not sure if you need a licence to download this (I have an old copy of Office which I think qualifies!) but an awesome font, one of my all time nostalgic favourites :)
(categories: fonts design typefaces bauhaus93)

Unsure as to the origin, claims its from Great icons though!
(categories: art design icons web)

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